September 15th, 2023

Which is it, Doug?

QUEEN’S PARK – Once again, what Ford is telling Ontarians seems to be at odds with what his well-connected insiders are saying.

At an August 9 press conference, Ford asserted he wasn’t friends with any of the developers connected to the Conservatives’ corrupt Greenbelt Grab.

Yet Shakir Rehmatullah, whose company Flato Developments – the second largest developer on lands removed from the Greenbelt – describes himself as a friend of Ford who has known him for a long time (p.g. 97). He admitted that he'd attended the Ford family stag and doe and wedding last year.

So which is it? Are Ford and Rehmatullah friends or not? Did Rehmatullah attend these Ford family events as a friend? Or as a developer?


  • The people of Ontario still don’t know who tipped off Rehmatullah about the Ford government’s plans to remove lands from the Greenbelt.
  • The Integrity Commissioner wrote, “I find it is more likely than not that someone did.”
  • There are still important, unanswered questions about how favoured developers like Rehmatullah received preferential treatment from the corrupt Ford government.